Dunja Jenkins

Vice President
An indispensable member of the FAE team, Dunja has filled many roles at Fieldstone A&E, progressing from Senior Designer to her current position as Vice President of Finance and Marketing. Throughout her journey, Dunja has consistently leveraged her past experiences, including her MBA qualification from the University of Florida, to enhance business management and drive team efficiency. Drawing from more than ten years of architectural expertise within the community amenity sector, Dunja contributes a significant wealth of knowledge to Fieldstone A&E. Her experience stems from designing and developing expansive amenity spaces, including clubhouses and accessory structures, as well as diverse multifamily projects. As Fieldstone A&E experienced growth and development, Dunja played a pivotal role in refining our business practices, enabling Fieldstone A&E to respond to emerging growth opportunities while upholding our commitment to exceptional expertise and quality. Dunja's creative vision and financial acumen make her an invaluable asset contributing to the ongoing success of Fieldstone A&E.
  • FUN FACT :
    Dunja loves to go to Disney with her family.