Brian Fresonke

Vice President
Brian's extensive background in structural engineering, supported by his Bachelor's degree from Michigan Tech, began at a successful national home builder, where he gained firsthand experience in all aspects of the profession, with a focus on structural design and project management. His exceptional knowledge and utilization of manufactured products in the design process for the single-family homes sector set him apart in the industry. His work with a globally recognized architecture and engineering firm further expanded his expertise, where he contributed to diverse projects including commercial, military, agricultural, and renovation projects. As the first employee of Fieldstone A&E, Brian has the vital role of shaping the company's processes and procedures, building a strong and collaborative team, and establishing Fieldstone A&E as a leader in the industry. His remarkable ability to connect with people and cultivate effective teams has played a key role in shaping the award-winning firm that FAE is today.
  • FUN FACT :
    Brian loves music and attending concerts. He has played in multiple rock bands as a guitarist, bassist and drummer.