The Whispering Pines Pool Cabana project is a perfect example of Fieldstone A&E’s one stop shop for community design. We had the pleasure of providing a full scope of services for this community in Land O’Lakes, FL. Our team provided design concepts through grand opening: Architecture, Engineering, MEP (completed by consultants), Interior Design, Procurement, and Marketing 3D Visualization services.

Design Conceptualization – Design Development

Our process always begins with an in-depth meeting with the client to understand the scope, visual expectations, needs and budget.

The client’s goal/vision for this project was to create a Modern Farmhouse Pool Cabana that would serve as a welcoming space for the residents of the community. The focus was on providing functional amenity space that included restrooms, alongside an expansive covered patio area for the pool users to enjoy.

“Our approach began with numerous Visioning Meetings, during which we collaborated closely with the client, presenting them with inspirational photos and design concepts to gather feedback and establish a clear direction,” says Client Manager Chad Crystal. “Through iterative presentations, a design concept was chosen, and we proceeded to develop it further into detailed design development drawings and construction documents.”

According to Chad, the collaborative journey with the client on this project was amazing. As his first venture with them, it was pivotal in establishing a foundation of trust and fostering growth.

“Throughout the process, we encountered various challenges during permitting, which necessitated a collaborative approach and adjustments. This phase not only facilitated a smoother permitting process but also deepened our understanding of the client and the general contractor, ultimately fostering stronger trust and rapport as we worked towards exceeding their expectations,” he says.

Interior Design

The large open space adjacent to the pool area invites residents to enjoy the pool while being more comfortable in the shade.

“This open area provides a lot of dining tables where residents can have events and some soft seating areas where they can enjoy casual conversation,” explains Natasha Ellis, Fieldstone A&E Interior Design Manager. “We also had the opportunity to incorporate an oversized fan, 10 feet in diameter, to help cool the large, soaring space.”

The farmhouse style carries through to the large restrooms with beautiful finishes and blue accents. In addition to the resort-style pool with water features, the pool deck includes hammocks and a turf area with cornhole and Adirondack chairs.

“The building turned out beautiful!  The soft color scheme and building design are incredibly inviting and would be a great space to hang out with family and friends,” adds Natasha. “This project went very smoothly due to the amazing team at RE Floyd Construction Corp. and swift detailed client feedback.”

Visualization Services

3D imaging is a powerful tool clients use to reach potential buyers enabling them to effectively present the amenity features prior to construction. In addition to 3D renderings, Fieldstone A&E provides a wide range of visual services such as color blocking, colored floor plans, and 2D renderings of elevations and site plans. We developed 3D imaging for the Entry Sign, Gate & Bollards as well as interior and exterior views of the Pool Cabana.

Whispering Pines went through all the phases of the 3D rendering process. Phase 1: Camera angles determined from the plans. Phase 2: 3D gray model creation. Phase 3: Application of finishes such as texture, lighting, colors and materials.

“The transition from visionary 3D images to the actual construction highlights Fieldstone A&E’s successful depiction of the architectural and design intentions originally conceived by our teams,” says Marketing Project Manager Nichole Rasmusen.

The success of the Modern Farmhouse Pool Cabana at Whispering Pines has been remarkable, serving as a catalyst for similar projects for the client. Notably, the elevation concept has gained significant traction, with subsequent structures embracing the same modern farmhouse style. It’s particularly gratifying to see the pool cabana design being replicated in other communities, further affirming its enduring appeal and adaptability.

In addition to the architectural, structural, MEP, interior design, and 3D renderings, our scope also included designing and completing drawings for the community’s Main Entry Sign and Main Entry Gates & Bollards. This encompassed ensuring cohesion and continuity in the overall aesthetic of the community, further enhancing its visual appeal and functionality.

Overall, the project stands as a testament to effective collaboration, innovation, and the enduring impact of design excellence in enhancing communal spaces.

See more details and photos of the project here: Whispering Pines.