Imagine a home designed and tailored specifically for a deserving veteran, a sanctuary that meets all their needs and preferences. This vision became a reality thanks to PulteGroup’s Built to Honor program.

The Built to Honor program stands as a compelling initiative that shows appreciation to America’s veterans by providing them with mortgage-free homes. Launched in 2013, this program has since built and donated over 76 homes to veterans across the United States, particularly focusing on those who sustained injuries during their service.

A Home for Every Need

Fieldstone A&E Production Director Stacey Folse and her team provided the structural plans for the house, ensuring every modification was perfectly aligned with the veteran’s requirements. “We donated our time to make sure this home met this veteran’s needs,” Stacey shared, highlighting the heartfelt dedication behind the project.

This home was customized extensively. For instance, a tandem garage was transformed into a gym, and special accommodations were made to ensure the house was wheelchair accessible. Stacey’s team worked together with Pulte, adjusting structural elements to support these architectural changes. The result? A home that truly caters to the veteran’s lifestyle.

The event wasn’t just about building a house; it was about building memories and honoring a hero. Stacey described the poignant “Notes of Love” tradition, where friends, family, and tradespeople wrote heartfelt messages on the framing of the house. These notes were then sealed within the walls, surrounding the veteran with love and support from the very structure of their home.

The Grand Ceremony

On the day of the reveal, the atmosphere was electric. Police officers, firefighters, and even a few motorcyclists led a grand parade to welcome the veteran to their new home. “It gives you goosebumps and brings tears to your eyes,” Stacey recalled. The ceremony included speeches from community leaders, a blessing from a pastor, and finally, the emotional first look as the veteran stepped into their home for the first time.

A Community Effort

Stacey emphasized the incredible collaboration and generosity from everyone involved. Notably, Pulte’s president ensured there was no budget limit, allowing every aspect of the veteran’s dream to come true. Special shoutouts go to PulteGroup’s VP of Construction Matt Van Keuren, the construction lead, and Division Product Manager Steve Toussaint, the architectural expert, whose efforts were pivotal in this project.

(Left) Fieldstone A&E Asst. Client Manager Joe McNeill with PulteGroup’s VP of Construction Matt Van Keuren. (Right) Fieldstone A&E Production Director Stacey Folse, PulteGroup’s Division Product Manager Steve Toussaint, and Joe McNeill.

Financially, the program is robustly supported by contributions from the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation, which has committed substantial amounts towards the construction of these homes, reflecting the legacy of the PulteGroup’s founder, William “Bill” Pulte. His vision of community and support has been instrumental in the success and ongoing commitment of this initiative.

The impact of the Built to Honor program is profound, not only providing homes but also a foundation for veterans and their families to rebuild their lives, pursue educational goals, start new careers, and create lasting memories in a stable and secure environment.

Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories and updates as we continue to support and honor our heroes through initiatives like Built to Honor. Let’s continue celebrating the remarkable individuals who serve our country and the communities that support them.