Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on people and blessings we are thankful for. Some people come into our lives that leave a lasting impact, even after they’re gone. Andy Lassiter was one of those people. We had the pleasure to call him co-worker and friend, but he was so much more than that. He had a presence that was larger than life and was truly the heart of our team. Unfortunately, we lost Andy earlier this year after a long courageous battle with Sarcoma. He was only 49, happily married to Jennifer Lassiter and had grown children and two young grandchildren. To say he is greatly missed is an understatement, but we’d like to take this time to express our gratitude for having known him.

Andy Lassiter with his wife, Jennifer at the 2019 Fieldstone A&E Holiday Party

“Andy was not only an employee, but he was also a coach, a comedian, someone to talk to, and so much more,” says Jenna Gentry, Fieldstone A&E Vice President. Andy was presented our HOME award in 2019, this award is saved for only our most passionate employees. To win this award an employee must exemplify each of our CORE values: H – Have Passion, O – Open your Mind, M – Master your Craft, and E – Embrace Family Spirit.

In honor of Andy, Fieldstone A&E Founder and CEO Ryan Rasmussen renamed the HOME Award to “The Lassiter Award.”

Andy Lassiter was the recipient of the Fieldstone A&E HOME Award in 2019. This award was renamed “The Lassiter Award” to honor his memory.

“If wealth was measured by the amount of laughter and joy a person brings into the lives of others, Andy would have been one of the richest people I have ever met in my life.”

  • Ryan Rasmussen, FAE Founder & CEO

“Passion” is the word that Dan Langefels, Fieldstone A&E Vice President, uses to describe Andy. “He had great energy and enthusiasm for the things he appreciated in life – family, friends, sports teams, trucks, barbecue, and even a quality adult beverage on occasion,” he explains. “Andy was always able to ‘hold court’ with a group of people and make them laugh. That is why people gravitated to him.” Langefels added he had a great sense of humor and didn’t take himself too seriously and through his humor, encouraged others to do the same.

Andy with his team at the Annual Fieldstone A&E Bowling Outing in Tampa.

He had a way about him to bring up the mood. “No matter how serious the conversation he always managed to make a joke and put things into perspective. At the end of the day, we need to enjoy every moment and be thankful for the time we are given and enjoy the people we love,” says Fieldstone A&E Vice President Dunja Jenkins. He was like that before getting sick and kept this strength and attitude through his fight. “I am thankful for the laughs we had together, and Andy’s positivity is going to continue to be my inspiration. I still see his smile and hear his laugh when I barbecue, when I have a stiff drink, and most of all when I watch my Gators lose to the Dawgs.”

Andy was a grill master. Dunja Jenkins thinks of him often when she barbecues.

Andy went out of his way to make people feel welcome. That, among other things is what stands out to Tim Cline, Fieldstone A&E Assistant Production Manager.  “When I moved here, I didn’t know a sole. It was hard the first 6 months after leaving friends and family behind, but one of the people to help get me through that time was Andy. He was such a welcoming individual. We shared a love of football and ‘wrasslin.’ We kept each other accountable with workouts and nutrition, and if I was eating at my desk, he would get me to go eat with him and everyone else.” If he ever needed guidance, Andy was his go-to. “Anytime I struggled, I would ask for his advice. He would always give his opinion as a person, not as a manager. It was so reassuring to have that. I will forever be thankful and grateful for having known him,” added Cline.

Senior CAD Tech David Williams says Andy was more than a friend, more than a mentor. “He was a family member that I could always reach out to when I needed something. He always knew how to lift spirits and never turned his back when someone needed help.”

He had an amazing sense of humor even when he experienced hair loss because of chemo treatments. A classic example is when he would wear this mullet wig to give everyone a good laugh.

What do you do when a long-time co-worker is diagnosed with a terrible disease like SARCOMA that will inevitably take his life?  “For our FAE family – the answer was easy – support him! Make him laugh, donate PTO to him, send meals to his home, text him, call him, send him silly wigs as he went through varying stages of chemo related hair loss, and finally raise as much money as we can to help find a cure for Sarcoma,” says Gentry.

To honor Andy, we participated in the Race to Cure Sarcoma in Tampa, FL on Nov. 12, 2022. “We had 30 team members sign up to participate in-person as well as virtually, including several employees from our client Taylor Morrison,” explains Gentry.  Many of the donations received came with heartfelt messages expressing how Andy had touched their lives.  She adds, “We are so proud to be able to support such an important cause. Team Andy raised nearly double its goal and won 2nd Place in Fundraising at the event.” Funds raised with go toward much needed research, education, and advocacy. Thank you to all who helped support our efforts for a Race to Cure Sarcoma.

Team Andy at the Race To Cure Sarcoma in Tampa, FL on Nov. 12, 2022.
Remote Team Andy participated in Michigan and Florida.