Fieldstone A&E is moving into its next decade of service and will continue Creating Community with clients and staff by strengthening existing long-time relationships while cultivating new ones. Our goal is to achieve remarkable things with our clients while working alongside true professionals and friends. 

Our systems approach supports our clients as a “one-stop shop” by providing everything needed for vertical construction. Through Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, and Marketing services, Fieldstone A&E can service your project from design through grand opening. 

Fieldstone A&E Engineers have exceptional insight when designing for “real life” due to extensive hands-on experience in the field. They have a passion for designing for what works best for construction. Flexibility is key when code changes arise or supply chain issues become a problem, Fieldstone A&E Engineers will make adjustments to keep the process rolling and the project on track. Our Service, Warranty & Advocacy Team (SWAT) handles emergency issues for our clients before, during, and after the building process to save our clients time, money and remove pain points. 

Our Architecture team explores the client’s expectations for function, style, aesthetics, end-user experience, and budget. We create concepts, floor plans, and exterior elevations that are unique to our client’s project and are distinctive in the marketplace. Whether it is commercial, custom, single and multi-family residential, community, or amenity designs, our team is especially experienced from both sides of the Architecture & Construction table which allows us to reasonably push designs with fresh ideas. 

The full-service Interior Design team are experts at creating warm inviting interiors. We offer the flexibility of any level of service by providing services such as furniture and design selections, material boards, color expertise, procurement, site installation, and much more. We can build a customized plan to fit your project, budget, and schedule. 

Our in-house Marketing team offers a variety of visual services to promote your projects such as 2D and 3D renderings, color blocking, brochure design, construction site signs and logo design. Our goal is to present a clear vision of your project.  

We are no stranger to competition, so we know it can be tough to find the right firm to fit the specifications of your project. Alongside our client-facing professionals, our team is just as strong behind the scenes. We have processes in place that set us apart and strengthen our team. Fieldstone A&E’s process manager ensures everything from training to project output is running smoothly, while continually seeking better ways to adjust work methods to best serve our clients. This guarantees our clients are working with the most up-to-date and organized team members. 

Fieldstone A&E is committed to enriching company culture by embracing its core values: Have Passion, Open Your Mind, Master Your Craft, and Embrace Family Spirit, otherwise known as HOME. CEO and Founder Ryan Rasmussen has taken great measures to ensure that the family-centered mindset he had when starting the company is still prevalent today in how we conduct business and interact with one another. To coincide with these values are the Annual HOME awards presented to five staff members each year. Continuing education through our Staff Belt Training System plays an enormous role in challenging our staff to reach new goals. The belt system was created for our staff to continue training, pursue certifications, and reach higher for their career goals.